It's about schmoozing with Sam Juha, the store's owner whom everyone knows on a first-name basis - and who in turn seems to know everyone who comes in. Truth is, Sam basically knows every UC Berkeley Advocate, Gamer, Jock, ASUC Leader and Frat Boy.
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Voted Best Deli
by The Daily Cal Since 1996
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Cheese & Stuff Deli & Catering's selection of fresh meats and cheeses rarely disappoints even the pickiest customer. No one in the community - not even those who have bled the Berkeley spirit through their tie-dyed T-shirts for several lifetimes now - can protest our great prices. Just $4.95 will score you a sandwich loaded with meat, cheese and the rest of the trimmings, served on your choice of fresh bread.


No Punching
No Kicking
No Shoving
No Mocking
No Spanking
No Smoking
No Bumping
No Biting
No Hitting
No Poking

No Knife Chasing
No Hugging
No Bitching
No Stanford Fans
No Pinching
No Slapping
No Horn Honking
No Kissing
No Head Butting
No Tickling

The 20 Cheese n' Stuff Commandments